February 21, 2011

KP: I Have to Know, What Makes them Cry Holy?

KP Writes:
OK, so the Lord is speaking me through song right now. (He often does.) I was in the prayer room Thursday all ready for a Misty Edward's set. I had missed her 4pm and so I was really looking forward to the 8pm. When I walked in, Brandon Hampton was leading the set. Hum, I must say I was initially disappointed. But God hijacked me, one of God's names I know best - El Hijacker)

The lyrics to the song which are from Rev. 4 are below. You know, I had never really asked myself what it is that they see that makes the elders and angels in heaven do what they are doing and will continue to do for eternity. Do I have a knowledge of God that elicits the same response in me? Sadly, no, but I want it. And I want it enough to spend time getting to know Him in that way. It is a costly desire, anything is that requires time, our one limited resource. To say yes to one thing is to say no to another. But, I have to know, so I say yes.

You can click HERE
to hear the song. Scroll over to 1:16 to get to the beginning of it. Warning: for those of you who do not like repeating songs, this one repeats for approximately 30 minutes, but then again, so does the song being sung by the angels in heaven, theirs lasting forever. Play the music in the background and meditate on the words as they come. I think you will enjoy.

"There He sits, upon the throne,

Sustainer of all things.

The elders bow,

And angels sing, their song forevermore.

How can I comprehend the beauty that has no end?

You have beckoned us to come and see

For every nation testifies
the majesty
they can't deny
the Son has made a way for them to come.

There is only one, there is only one, there is only one

Found worthy

What do the elders see
that makes them all fall down?
What do the angels see
that makes them all cry holy?
We have to know ,

We have to know ,

We have to know ,

What makes them cry holy?

There is only one, there is only one, there is only one,

found worthy.

To Him who sits on the throne

To him who reigns forever

To Him who sits on the throne

To him who reigns on high

Be blessing and honor and glory and power"
(Rev 4:11)



Judy said...

I for one cannot comprehend forever. It's kind of like the term in math, "infinity", it's beyond my human intelligence; but of course that doesn't affect the truth of either. Fortunately God doesn't need or expect me to understand . . . only just believe.
Love you.

Jorge said...

Its been so delightfull to seek the Lord with this revealed praising. Gos continue to bless your familiy and Ministry.
Besides, do you have general chords for the song? I'll appreciate.
Jorge & Claudia

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the chords for this?

Blanny said...

in c its 4 1 5 6. the rights hand is playing the little riff starting on C. i think the chords stay the same.