September 14, 2008

AP: Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know what is going on in our life. Wow. That about says it all. Well, back in January while we were at OneThing in Kansas City, my parents both felt God's lead to move to Kansas City. At first they thought that we would go through the Missions Apolistic School but after they went out there in April they felt that God was not calling our family to that. They then decided that God was telling them to go through Intro to IHOP and become staff members. As staff members we would be intercessory missionaries. We would pray for the nations and for God to break in. I had also felt God telling us to move to Kansas City while I was there for ATC, Awakening Teen Camp. They told Mallory and I this August right before we went to The Call. We are so excited to see what God has for us.

As you probably know we have a lot that we need to do before we move. We are starting to paint the whole house while continuing on with normal life! What a job! We are planning to put our house on the market Oct. 1st but we still have a lot to accomplish before then. We also need to raise support and prayer coverage for our up coming adventure. The Intro to IHOP course begins on Jan. 9th, my birthday, so we are going to move out a week before to unpack into our new house. We always go to the Onething at Christmas time so we really don't know when we are going to move because it would be a waste of gas to go out there for Onething, come back, and leave for good three days later. Pray that we would hear God clearly about how to go about this. As more and more people begin to learn about our exciting adventure please share this site with them so that they can keep in touch with us while we are in Kansas City. Please pray that we will be able to sell a lot of stuff from our house that we are trying to get rid of. Thank you so much for praying for us! We love you!

Ashton (for the Prices)