March 2, 2011

KP: Desperation

KP Writes:

When things get tough, really tough, we become desperate. Quite frankly the feeling of desperation is awful. It is that state of being where you have no ability to be able fix or change the situation. None. There is no person or nothing
available to you that can change your situation . That place can bring despair. Desperation can actually be our friend. "What?", you say. That sounds anything but true. But, desperation can be our friend IF it makes us crave God and long to see His power unleashed in our lives.

How hungry are you for God today? Do you long to see His power unleashed in your life? It is much more pleasant when these desires come out of a heart at peace. But, given the alternative of not seeking God wholeheartedly and not seeing His power unleashed in our lives, I would even welcome a situation that unleashes desperation for Him. The end result of hungering and thirsting after God, seeking Him like never before, grabbing hold of the hem of His garment and not letting go until He meets me new and afresh, must be the posture of my heart.

Lord teach me to love you in and out of the storm.


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DICK said...

Storms can be fun and exciting...but only as I encounter them from the safety of being indoors. But when storms involve our lives and those we love, it is a challenge to wish for anything other than to avoid them!