March 23, 2011

AP: Praying for Japan

AP writes:

Most of you know of the current status in Japan from the earthquake that happened a little under two weeks ago. Just wanted to post some prayer updates:

>Dacia Bostrom (the student from Japan living here with the Kawase family) went back a week ago to visit her family for a month. While she is there they are planning on visiting Sendai, the epicenter, and providing hot meals and the good news of Jesus Christ! =) Pray that they will be safe from everything including the radiation!
>Mr. and Mrs. Kawase left this morning for Japan. Mr. Kawase was cleared as a Doctor to be able to go into Sendai and minister to the people there for 10 days. Mrs. Kawase will be assisting him as well as helping with the Bostrom family. Pray that they will have traveling mercies, especially since they are traveling with lots of medical supplies. Also pray they will be safe from radiation since they will be driving past the nuclear plants.
>Pray for Grandma Kawase as she was alive during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is really hard for her seeing her son willingly put himself near the radiation in order to help other people.
>That God's purposes will come forth in Japan through this crisis. God causes all things to work together for his glory! Pray for the hearts of the Japanese people that they would turn to Christ as the only savior to help them through this massive crisis

Thank you all for praying! My heart hurts for our Japanese brothers and sisters. But God holds all things in his hands!

Much love,
Ashton =)

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