February 20, 2011

MP: Love of Christ

Hello all,

I hope that you have been doing well lately. I sure have. At dance we have started learning our pieces for the performance, Firstborn From the Dead. So far it looks as if I will be in three pieces. In the piece that is for my jazz class I have a solo which I am super elated for, yet also terrified in the same breath. Before I do my part (as the mute) I have to stand frozen in position for a long time that seems like a perennial. :) This performance is basically an excerpt from the New Testament as the life of Christ.

We have gotten a bunch of snow. Our trampoline had icicles hanging from the bottom of the mesh and a block of ice on top which I had to devise how to get off. I will infer that the block of ice was two to three inches thick.

Have you ever thought about how no matter what people do, God still wants them for himself? God wants His people which is why He sent his son to die on the cross. It is so amazing that God would send his only son to go to the cross, die, and resurrect just so that when you sin you can be forgiven. I mean you naturally would assume that you have to work hard or do something. But no, you just have to say God or Jesus or Holy Spirit I have sinned and I ask for forgiveness and you will be made completely and utterly clean. It is so cool!!! And God does not defer in forgiving us. All that is needed is a subservient heart. This is not a tortuous walk at all and it exonerates you.

I also love the fact that Jesus knows everything that you have ever done and He still wants you. He is the perfect Bridegroom and He is waiting to come back for His people until they are ready for His return; ready to love Him whole heartily. Jesus is intent on contending for our hearts. We don't have to contort to be someone we are not for Him. He really wants a people that fully want Him. Not just to fix problems but to talk to and to spend time with.

Well this is what I have been thinking about in the prayer room. Hope it is some food for thought for you too and I have not expounded too much.

Love always,

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Judy said...

Great thoughts, and good practice with vocabulary words.
Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you at dance - 3 different pieces.
Love you, Nana